Summer dresses

Hello readers! As the temperature becomes warmer and the rainstorms fade away this summer, I have been excited to put away the poncho and slip on some of my summer dresses. If you are unsure what to wear, why not try something on trend like abstract prints? Make the look more chic with the right bold accessories. #sickofsummerrain

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    1. Hi! You can find abstract prints from different places all over Vietnam. Mango stores usually have some good prints, so does BCBG. If you like to go out to the markets, An Dong 2 has printed dresses on the 2nd floor – turn left as you get out of the elevators. The blue dress that we styled with the grey studded belt is from the Chilean brand zero + Maria Cornejo, a designer that can be found in Barneys department stores. The yellow dress is actually SimplyVera by Vera Wang, which can be found in Kohls stores in the United States. Thanks for your message! Write back and let us know when you do find a great printed dress 🙂

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