Brocade: the royal look

Brocade fabric is seen by some as a material from the past, a reminder of clothing worn by nobles during the Renaissance. This doesn’t mean that we can’t wear it now, and it doesn’t mean the fabric is just for the elite anymore. Actually, brocade looks elegant and different in today’s age of modern textiles and it is a Fall 2012 trend. When I see brocade pants or a skirt on people, they immediately stand out more than others. We are lucky to live in Asia, as brocade is easy to find here. Ben Thanh market’s fabric stalls sell brocade with all kinds of designs on them. TYLHO has a great gold brocade skirt in his store on sale as we speak.

In terms of outfits, don’t wear brocade with brocade, unless you want to channel a noble from the Renaissance era ready to be entertained in court. Try pairing brocade pants with a cashmere sweater or a brocade skirt with a solid silk blouse. If you find a brocade jacket, why not wear it with dark slim jeans over a solid cotton t-shirt? With brocade, you can make yourself look like a modern day royal a la Kate Middleton.

Chiếc ghế dưới đây được chụp ở Au Parc (đường Hàn Thuyên). Cách kết hợp giữa vải thêu kim tuyến sang trọng với chất gỗ mộc mạc rất phù hợp với phong cách Địa Trung Hải của quán ăn/café. Hãy ghé qua thưởng thức một ly nước ép lựu ở đây nếu bạn có thời gian nhé.

I saw this brocade chair at Au Parc yesterday mixed in with the other wood chairs. It’s a nice mix of fancy and every day, and the brocade is gorgeous. Stop by and take a look next time you’re in the area.

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