Borrowed from the boys

I have this nasty habit of borrowing things from my friends and family. I figure that they’ll always love me, even if I use their favorite handbags or wear their dresses. And, there’s no better way to make your wardrobe seem enormous than to wear other people’s stuff all the time.

My indecent behavior doesn’t just stop with girls. I pilfer from guys, too. Who would think that taking things from my male friends could actually be a fall trend? And there we have it: menswear turned womenswear turned mostrendy. This blue button down is the perfect pairing with girly cigarette pants. The contrast of boyish and girly is quite cool.

To be on trend but still look appropriate, you can try wearing boy’s sizes instead of actual menswear so the fit is a bit better. You can also go further than button downs shirts to blazers or oversized cardigans. Some taller girls look cute in boyfriend jeans, which are straight leg, loose fit, rolled cuff jeans. Or if you’re not so tall, put on an oversized men’s sweater with opaque black tights and boots. The possibilities of things you can steal are endless. Just be sure to hide from whoever you stole it from!

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