Time to choose your favorite summer sweater

I realize summer sweater sounds completely contradicting but hear me out. The summer sweater is an important article of clothing in one’s wardrobe because summer isn’t always hot. Depending on where you live, it could be rainy and sometimes breezy during the summer. In parts of Asia, the hotter it gets outside, the colder the air-conditioning is inside. It’s easy to catch a cold during times like this.

Enter the summer sweater: a light long sleeved knitted top that can be worn by itself or layered over other clothes. This summer, I am really into my heather grey knit with blush lace trim. The faux layered look is fun and it’s light enough to use for traveling. I most recently wore it on a trip to New York where it was rainy with cool winds one day – good thing I had my summer sweater with me!

Photo May 16, 10 42 34 AM
Photo May 16, 2 42 48 PM
Photo May 19, 7 38 48 AM

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