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Time to choose your favorite summer sweater


I realize summer sweater sounds completely contradicting but hear me out. The summer sweater is an important article of clothing in one’s wardrobe because summer isn’t always hot. Depending on where you live, it could be rainy and sometimes breezy during the summer. In parts of Asia, the hotter it Read more →

What to take to the beach

beach 1

Summer is coming to an end and it seems as though everyone is taking last minute trips to the beach. I just wanted to remind you all to stay safe and don’t forget your beach essentials: 1. Big beach towel – try not to pick white! Bright orange is chic Read more →

Summer dresses

summer dress 2

Hello readers! As the temperature becomes warmer and the rainstorms fade away this summer, I have been excited to put away the poncho and slip on some of my summer dresses. If you are unsure what to wear, why not try something on trend like abstract prints? Make the look Read more →