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Trending tourists


It must be obvious that I have been traveling in Europe lately, which was a blast. Also, it was a fashion inspiration. Everywhere I looked, someone was wearing something cool, whether it was the sneakers or leggings or a colorful little number. As I was touring around, I believe most Read more →


boxpark featured image

In another line of fortunate events, I passed by Boxpark in trendy Shoreditch while I was in London. At first, I didn’t know what it was, but the many signs told me that it was the world’s first pop-up (temporary) shopping mall. They offered well known and smaller brands, and Read more →

Art for all


Traipsing around London, I kept coming across cool graffiti and posters and stickers adorning walls, doors and sign poles. I rarely saw things painted over or torn down, which is a nice way for London to support the arts – even if it is a little illicit. There was also Read more →