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Trending tourists


It must be obvious that I have been traveling in Europe lately, which was a blast. Also, it was a fashion inspiration. Everywhere I looked, someone was wearing something cool, whether it was the sneakers or leggings or a colorful little number. As I was touring around, I believe most Read more →

Espadrilled it’s way into my heart


I have a thing for a good slip on shoe. I know, they’re not all that practical. And they’re not the sexiest shoes you could slip on your feet (we have Louboutin for that). However, what beats a comfortable, resort-y looking shoe? Not much. Slip-ons in general are great, but Read more →

It’s not lame, it’s la-may!

lame' 4

The other day my friend was wearing a t-shirt with silver lame sleeves and silver coated cotton pants. I must say, lame is something that I don’t usually reach for when it’s time to get dressed for the day. Some of us have a preconceived notion that lame is just Read more →