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Grammy Gold


After watching music stars walk the red carpet at the Grammy’s last night, it is very clear what the fashion trends are looking like this season: metallic, big lace on mesh and tunics. Did anyone notice how great Jay-Z’s polka dotted tuxedo jacket was? The Grammys is an event where Read more →

Bellas at Coachella!

coachella 1

You must have heard by now about all the happenings at Coachella this year – R.Kelly’s guest performance at the Phoenix show (instead of the rumored Daft Punk), the entire Hilton family making appearances at both weekends and Lindsay Lohan being allowed one last alcohol-free hurrah at Coachella before her Read more →

Happy nudes year


Happy new year, mostrendy readers! We are rested and ready to give you a whole new year’s worth of posts about trendy things. In Ho Chi Minh City, the weather has been perfect for catching up with friends for an outdoor lunch or going on a beach vacation. Why not Read more →

Romp around in a playsuit

playsuit 2

I never know what to call an article of clothing that is a top attached to shorts or pants. I think the long pants could be called jumpsuits, but the shorts have different names. I was calling them rompers until my friend from the UK said that they’re called playsuits Read more →

What to wear for underwear

tieng viet.jpf

Sometimes I find myself in an awkward situation where I can see other people’s panty lines when I know I shouldn’t see. And then what does one do? Surely not tell the offender of her blunder because she can’t do anything to remedy the situation immediately. I thought I’d share Read more →

Lace: An Oldie but a Goodie

lace 3

Lace has been around for centuries. Just a few years ago, we associated lace with women’s handkerchiefs, vintage tablecloths and Madonna’s gloves. Lace has come back, folks! Now more than ever, shift dresses, shorts, vests, even bags are adorned with our old friend Lace. A Korean look would not be Read more →