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Time to pull out your Birkenstocks?!


I would like to think that I am not old enough to remember trends as they go in and out over the years. Fashion cycles are usually spread far apart in time. Unfortunately, I am older and have seen things come and go and come again: lace, neonand ripped jeans Read more →

Men’s shoes gone casual

casual mens shoes 2

The more we notice what guys are wearing and doing in fashion, the more we realize how many options you boys have. Seriously, the market may make it seem like there is more for women, but in reality we are all created as equals – especially in fashion! We all Read more →

Rainbows on your toes

neon 7

I will be the first to say that I’m not the most athletic person. However, I do support all shows of athleticism such as going to Saigon Heat basketball games or watching the Olympics on TV with friends. Last weekend I caught a triathlon in Singapore and saw a sight Read more →

Fashionable tourism

fashionable tourism 1

I think you would have been drawn to these tourists if you came across them in the streets. How pretty is the color of this tourist’s bag and skirt outside of Saigon’s Notre Dame? This just goes to show that you can be comfortable enough walk around and look cute Read more →

I do think you’re ready for this jelly!

jelly 11

I have been obsessed with jellies lately. Why? Because it started raining a couple weeks ago and hasn’t stopped. I was under the impression that rainy season was over but in fact it has just begun. Thus, jelly (a cuter word for plastic) anything in bright colors appeal to me Read more →

A Dash of Glitter

dash of glitter 4

Walking around An Dong 2, one may not have the motivation to dig around to find the treasures. These rose gold glitter shoes stopped me in my tracks. Not only are they sparkly, they are rose gold – the best kind of gold. The Swarovski-esque sprinkle of glitter makes me Read more →


studded shoes 8

Studs were once saved for punky girls who wore all black and spiky hair. Thanks to Christian Louboutin a few seasons ago, fashion fiends – girly or punky – are rocking studs on their shoes. Let’s not forget Louboutin’s allover studded booties. Then Valentino put them on his bows, which Read more →