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Espadrilled it’s way into my heart


I have a thing for a good slip on shoe. I know, they’re not all that practical. And they’re not the sexiest shoes you could slip on your feet (we have Louboutin for that). However, what beats a comfortable, resort-y looking shoe? Not much. Slip-ons in general are great, but Read more →

Men’s shoes gone casual

casual mens shoes 2

The more we notice what guys are wearing and doing in fashion, the more we realize how many options you boys have. Seriously, the market may make it seem like there is more for women, but in reality we are all created as equals – especially in fashion! We all Read more →

Black is black

Black is black 1

For as often as I say that grey or navy or neon or neutrals are just as basic as black, I still think black is pretty great. I was with a friend the other day who happened to wear a striped sweater with all black accessories and it all worked Read more →