The Age of the Gym Bag

Do you own an old, slouchy gym bag that you think you’ll never use? Stop yourself from giving it to charity or sentencing it to a lifetime in the corner of your closet and look at that gym bag in another light.

It’s time for my first proclamation: gym bags are the tote bags of today. I know, who am I to proclaim. I would just hate to think that you’re not going to use that old gym bag anymore. Think of the wonderful cylinder shape that you can continually morph just by stuffing it with clothes or with books or with magazines. Think about how you can use the two handles to wear it over your shoulder OR use the long strap for a sportier cross-body look. It’s the perfect walking around town bag, market bag and weekender. Better than a tote, gym bags have a zipper to secure all your precious carryarounds. Stylish and practical.

I’m not sure how else to say it, folks. Dig out your gym bags and use them, for the Age of the Gym Bag has (re)arrived. If you don’t have one already, go get one you love. See how my roommate rocks his old Marc by Marc Jacobs gym bag to go play tennis? You should be so stylish. #perfectbagforeverything

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