Spotted on the street: peplum

Look who we ran into on the way to lunch the other day! A fancy and mostrendy girl in a peplum blouse and pencil skirt. Where could this fashionista be going or coming from? Apparently she just finished lunch at L’Usine on Dong Khoi (the beef stew is delicious there) and was going back to work.

This blouse is peplum at its best: in a structured material so you can see the lines and the shape of the peplum very clearly. And, the white and black look is very graphic, even further emphasizing the peplum’s curves. It’s so chic we nearly fainted right there on the street in front of all the ladies selling handmade cards.

As we said before, peplums can make any outfit look instantly more fashionable. Take note all you mostrendies out there: the shapes, styles and colors we discuss are easily translated into every day life. Make it your own and enjoy your mostrendy outfits!

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