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My niece just turned 1 year old and I was in a bind trying to find something to give her. She is way more fancy than I am, and has more clothes and shoes than most adults. We often read together, so I went in search of some books that she might enjoy.

I didn’t realize I would hit the jackpot of books in this series by Camilla Morton, illustrated by different fabulous designers. So far, Morton has collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg (who you read about previously), Christian Lacroix, and the shoe guru himself, Manolo Blahnik. Each book is a traditional children’s fairy tale that incorporates each designer’s life story.

Thanks to, the books were just a few clicks away and I had them in my hands within a couple days. The illustrations are gorgeous and true to each designer’s style. The purchase is totally worth it just for the pictures!

I’ve learned a lot about my favorite designers in a fun way with these books. Hopefully, my diva niece will learn a lot, too.

camilla morton 1camilla morton 2camilla morton 3camilla morton 4camilla morton 5camilla morton 6camilla morton 7camilla morton 8

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