Pretty things come in pretty packages

I think you all can tell that I have been spending a bit of time in Los Angeles lately. It’s a great city to explore; there is culture, food and great nightlife here. The one thing that has been difficult for me is that going from humid Ho Chi Minh City to dry Los Angeles, my skin is a mess!

Thank goodness for professional skincare people. I went over to Kinara in West Hollywood to seek refuge and much needed skin help. Imagine my surprise when I found a delightful array of soaps wrapped in beautiful paper right by the spa check-in. Printed paper is a very small thing to notice, but since holiday season is coming up, I am now thinking that origami inspired prints could be the perfect way to wrap up my gifts.

Not only are the packagings great, the soap smells wonderful. Anyway, I had to show you. You may be thinking that soaps are far from the fashion and trends world, but actually a mostrendy girl should appreciate the beautiful things in life – in clothing, shoes, bags and everything else.

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