Poop brown and other shades

I really hate when a pretty girl wears ugly colors. Especially colors that remind you of your last bowel movement. So, I highly recommend you learn how to discern bodily function browns from rich, even vibrant browns. Don’t be caught walking around looking like last week’s meatloaf when two shades over, you could be Jackie O on her way to a fundraiser lunch.


The first step is understanding where the color brown comes from in the first place. Brown can come from a mix of red, yellow and black. Try it with some paint. You’ll see that the more yellow and black you add, the more muted the color becomes. Rich browns come from mixtures that have more red added.

You can also get brown by mixing complementary colors from the color wheel, which are colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. If you don’t know about the color wheel, more about that later. Opposite colors like yellow + purple or red + green or orange + blue (shout out to my middle school colors) will make shades of brown.

color wheel

What makes a rich, warm brown? I go for browns with strong underlying red, orange or yellow tones. You’ll often find flat browns when you pick a green, blue or purple toned brown. I wouldn’t say no to a rich camel, khaki, pinky beige or taupe color, either. Pick a fabric that absorbs the color well and showcases it at its best. Check out the browns people were rocking to the fall 2014 fashion shows.

rich browns
poop browns

(Photos: vogue.ru)

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