What you don’t dare wear to a wedding

Let’s face it. It is always wedding season in Vietnam. There is always something going on in those wedding banquet halls aka money-making-machines.

Besides the lovely faux flower decorations and the lucky red carpet, my eyes are constantly averted to the outfits people are wearing. It’s a shame, because I don’t notice nice outfits enough – but I remember the bad ones for a long time.

Things to avoid judging eyes (and you really shouldn’t take attention away from the bride), keep these helpful hints in mind:

– No jeans, or anything too casual like t-shirts or sneakers

not to wear wedding 1

– No shiny polyester fabrics (it’s so 90’s!)- shiny brocade or 100% silks are okay


– No short skirts (you can learn how to measure you skirts here)

not to wear wedding 3

– No low cut tops – you don’t want grandpa staring at your décolletage!


– If you would wear the outfit to a bar or club, pick something else


– If you would wear the outfit to the office, don’t wear it unless you add accessories, a clutch and great shoes

not to wear wedding 6

– No big office bags

not to wear wedding 7

Most importantly, remember it is a big day for the people getting married and their families. They are all celebrating a huge step in their lives and have invited you to join. Show respect and look your best!

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