Toe-ing the line

As the weather in Hanoi becomes less cold and drafty, I’m thinking of mostrendy girls wanting to break out their skirts and dresses but not wanting to get too cold. It made me wonder: will you wear tights? And then: would you ever wear tights with open toe shoes?

Whenever you mention people wearing tights with open toe shoes, I first think of the 1970’s dad mowing the lawn phenomenon – dress socks with open toe sandals. How about a resounding NO to that look?!

But while you might not have a blow-up photo of 70’s mow dad cut out on your dresser to inspire your outfit this spring, you may have one of Anna Dello Russo or Carine Roitfeld (more about them later) on their way to the next hottest fashion week show in opaques and strappy open toe shoes.

The biggest thing you must keep in mind when trying to accomplish this look? Make sure your audience knows you did it on purpose. Tell the world that it’s not that you couldn’t find your closed toed shoes on this cold morning, you are confidently making a fashion statement.

Second most important thing: wear a stocking that does not have a reinforced toe or heel, UNLESS you have super cool color blocked tights.


Other things to note: Avoid nude tights, as it won’t look like you were doing the tights/open toe combo on purpose. Try a shoe with a small toe opening, like peep toes. Try different colored tights with different colored shoes for a color block look.

The more interesting combinations of tights and open toes you can find, the more trendy you will look. Have fun, go forth and be mostrendy!



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