Time to pull out your Birkenstocks?!

I would like to think that I am not old enough to remember trends as they go in and out over the years. Fashion cycles are usually spread far apart in time. Unfortunately, I am older and have seen things come and go and come again: lace, neonand ripped jeans are just some of them.

Here’s another potential comeback: the Birkenstock. Birkenstocks are a brand of shoe that is distinctive ergonomically shaped brown soles and leather upper. Most of the time, they are sandals that come off as a bit clunky.

I know. It’s a flashback to the mid nineties and everything. I had a pair, I survived. But I saw a post on Garance Doré‘s blog the other day about the Birkenstock and then a couple days later I spotted them around town. Coincidence? Maybe. A burgeoning trend? Who knows. All I know is that Garance discussed Phoebe Philo and some other designers doing a take on Birks and I thought, well, if all the fashion geniuses are doing it, it’s worth a second look.

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