How to handle your money

Guys always ask girls why they need to own so many handbags. I have been the subject of such interrogation many times. What you boys sometimes may not realize is that you have a lot of options for carrying around your money too. And I don’t mean clutches, as those are also obvious answers to toting around your things with you, as I mentioned earlier.

Sometimes, wallets can reveal to the world what your taste and preferences are. For example, a man who carries around a long wallet in his inside suit pocket is very different from a man who carries around a money clip. My uncle uses just a rubber band to keep his cash organized.

Most guys use a brown or black leather wallet to keep in their back pocket. A pop of color doesn’t hurt, either – like this brick red wallet with white piping. What about navy or grey? These colors are chic and deviate from the norm. I have also seen velcro wallets with cartoons on them that can easily show personality. Velcro wallets are usually chosen by travelers or people who laugh out loud when they read new posts on xkcd.

Money clips are also distinct and no frills. Other no-frill options include a leather folder for cash like this one or a rubber band.

Combination leather wallet plus money clip seems like a fashionable cross between the two above options. This way, you can keep some cards with you but not have to deal with the bulkiness of a traditional wallet. What kind of man are you or do you want to be? What kind of wallet do you use?

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