Men’s shoes gone casual

The more we notice what guys are wearing and doing in fashion, the more we realize how many options you boys have. Seriously, the market may make it seem like there is more for women, but in reality we are all created as equals – especially in fashion!

We all know shoes that office guys usually wear to work – dress shoes with laces in black or brown. The key word is usually. Last week, we spotted two guys who threw caution to the wind and did a little something different with their shoe choices. Check out these distressed combat boots. Are they old? Are they new? You’ll never be able to tell. What you can say is that paired with rolled up skinny jeans and a cool, non-cheesy graphic tee, this outfit is a vintage-chic A-plus.

Or, if you want an everyday look from your casual shoes, try a slipper shoe instead of a normal loafer. Not only does this slip-on diverge from your average loafer in shape, but it has one extra fun detail – embossment in the shape of a skull! If you don’t want to have just an average shoe, why not try something like this? It can be any detail that makes the shoe a little different from the rest. Combined with some great dark green skinny jeans and fall jewel tones like deep sapphire and amethyst, you’ve got a great fall outfit. If you have a little bit of sartorial leeway in the office, you may even be able to rock something like this on the weekdays.

Happy shoe hunting, boys!

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