How to make friends fast and frenemies faster

Small tokens of like are always appreciated in day to day life. I learned this not so long ago at a music festival in Austin, Texas. A girl was standing next to me right before Bassnectar came on and gave me a glow-in-the-dark beaded friendship bracelet that she had made earlier in the day. Needless to say, I wore that bracelet so often it stopped glowing in the dark and it moved me to make the same bracelets for my girlfriends. #shoutout

The easiest way to make friends: show people you like them by giving them a little something cute and fun and colorful. Thus, the birth of the friendship bracelet – a symbol of solidarity and an accessory that you can talk about. No wonder friendship bracelets are superchic right now; what better way to say you are chic than an armful of friendship bracelets?

In Ho Chi Minh City there are plenty of places to find these bracelets or even the string to make them yourself. There is a stand on the food court level of Parkson Hung Vuong that has the most wonderful neon tie dye string. The woman there has a great selection of colors if you want custom friendship bracelets. Saigon Square I has ready-made ones if you’re in a bind. Rule of thumb is when you’re giving them out, always keep one friendship bracelet for yourself. And be careful who you do or don’t give them to…you could end up with more frenemies than friends 😉

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