Judging the book by its cover

I’m all about packaging. Call me materialistic, call me too visually oriented. On days like these, when I am pleasantly surprised by detail, I feel it’s necessary to share with our mostrendy readers.

Clare Vivier is a leather goods brand based out of Los Angeles. The French designer’s brand is locally made in Los Angeles and if you have the chance to check out one of her stores, you’ll see that she is into quality leather. She offers metallics, skins and a plethora of colors, along with monogramming and some jewelry.

I recently bought a travel jewelry pouch from this brand and was blown away by the grandiose way they wrapped up my small purchase. The company offers free monogramming whenever possible, so I went for it. Check it out below. #neon

All About the Package 1
All About the Package 2
All About the Package 3
All About the Package 4
All About the Package 5
All About the Package 6
All About the Package 7
All About the Package 8
All About the Package 9

One Reply to “Judging the book by its cover”

  1. Chère Lynn.
    Tout va bien, j’espère. Je suis complètement d’accord avec tes remarques concernant l’emballage. L’emballage choisi “Clare Vivier” est très bien fait et JOLI. Felicitations!
    Bonne fin de semaine
    Papa Tony
    31 Mai 2013

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