Rainbows on your toes

I will be the first to say that I’m not the most athletic person. However, I do support all shows of athleticism such as going to Saigon Heat basketball games or watching the Olympics on TV with friends. Last weekend I caught a triathlon in Singapore and saw a sight that made my little fashion heart go aflutter. Neon!

Apparently the cool kids (slash super athletes who can move quickly in water, on wheels and on land) are all wearing fun color sneakers to perform. Who would have thunk it? NikeAdidasAsics, and the like. Below are just some that I came across.

Then, today I saw these orange Nikes in action on Hai Ba Trung. With these shoes, you’d spending a lot of money shopping because your feet will never tire. I thought I’d also show you these seldom used highlighter purple Nike sneaks with neon green laces. Now that my gear is just like the cool kids’, maybe I should hit the gym…

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