From Constance to Marie Curie‏

I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up wearing uniforms to school. I have always looked at uniforms positively because I’m pretty sure my sartorial indecisiveness in high school left me in front of my closet for more time than I care to admit. And these days, there are so many ways to accessorize a uniform that you really can express yourself.

Some of my friends jazz it up more so than the other kids I see. From colorful bags to colorful sandals, long trendy necklaces, headbands, and friendship bracelets, they look as though they are the newest additions to the crew on Gossip Girl.

I also love how one layers a patterned button down over her uniform. Accessories like these can be found at An Dong Plaza’s first level or Ben Thanh Market. Colorful jelly sandals are abundant at Saigon Square.

See? There are plenty of ways to let your fashionista self shine at school! #gginhcmc

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  1. Giờ các bạn học sinh nữ dùng nhiều phụ kiện xinh ghê, hơn hẵn hồi mình đi học. Tòan áo dài và áo dài. Áo dài hầu như không kết hợp được với phụ kiện nào cả 😀

    Thanks mostrendy

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