To all who rock the pantyline

I was recently back in Ho Chi Minh City and saw around me something that is treacherous in the world of fashion. I couldn’t believe my eyes that in a city of such vibrant, young, modern women that this kind of thing was still happening. Visible pantylines. You heard me. When you wear pants, skirts, dresses – anything – no one should be able to see the lines that your panties make on your derriere.

I once complained about the ongoing phenomenon of the visible pantyline to my assistant in Vietnam. She confirmed that some women don’t mind it because it proves to the general public that a girl IS wearing panties, and that a girl with no pantyline is risking people talking about her for walking around with no panties on in the daytime.

I get this to a point. However, in western society, a girl with visible underwear is more risque than her discreet counterparts. Isn’t it so intimate if a stranger can see the entire shape of your underwear without having seen you undressed? Why should they know if you’re rocking a granny panty or a too-tight boy short or a thong?

For those of you who see the light, see my How to Save Yourself from Pantylines below:

– if you like to wear full bottom panties, try a no seam boy short or panty. I’ve seen them in Taka Market, you have no excuse.
– if you like to wear thongs, choose some that aren’t too tight and are also either seamless or lace
– do a 360 degree mirror check before you leave the house

For more insight on what panty you should wear in certain occasions, please refer to my previous post.


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