So Dior right now

Did anyone catch the Dior fashion show the other day? I couldn’t help but notice Raf Simons’s use of monochromes plus a pop of color. It’s kind a tribute to the S13 monochrome trend with a little twist. Simons was inspired this season by Andy Warhol, who is one of our favorite artists. More on that later.

Which of course brings this mostrendy girl back to our graffiti post. Color + black/white = showstopping. Or in my case, made me stop in my tracks in a downtown LA parking lot to snap those photos. Since we’re so ahead of the times (or just love neon), we took these photos in January but it is quite fitting to show you right now. Today, we’re not only mostrendy, we’re totally Dior now! #geekmeetschic

monochrome 1monochrome 2monochrome 3monochrome 4monochrome 5monochrome 6monochrome 8

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