Chic garden party essentials

This season is perfect for a garden party – it isn’t too hot, people are starting to feel the summer itch to be social and have fun, and there aren’t a lot of other people getting their acts together to throw a good party yet.

What you need to throw a chic garden party
– Great décor: whether it’s candles, balloons or festive backdrops for your friends’ instagram photo-ops, it’s gotta be good. Choose a color scheme and stick to it!
– An appropriate venue: your private backyard is ideal for an intimate party, but be on the lookout for public parks or even beaches that you can use. This garden party I went to was at a polo field!
– Delicious food that is easy to serve and eat: Charcuterie (meat, cheese and sometimes fruit) boards are perfect for a light daytime meal, while mini banh mi and puff pastries are good options for night. Think about food you can eat with your hands.
– Lovely libations: what do you and your friends like to drink? Lemonade is the perfect option, but so is champagne! Everything must be served chilled and don’t forget plenty of water.
– The unexpected: I love a good surprise, and if that means good looking servers in matching uniforms, it works for me. Outdoor party games like pétanque or croquet are always crowd pleasers.
– Something to wear: go for light and breezy. Chiffon or rayon blends work best as they are breathable fabrics that drape well on the body. If you need some height, wear wedges – not heels! Pick patterns and colors that will photo graph well outdoors like bright magentas, blues and yellows.


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