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Tied up in the mostrendy way

how to tie

Mostrendy guys know how to tie their own neckties. A pre-tied tie is not an option if you don’t wish to resemble your 5-year-old nephew with the clip-on tie. So be brave, buy a normal tie (a cheeky one, hopefully!) and follow our instructions below for two of the many Read more →

Men’s shoes gone casual

casual mens shoes 2

The more we notice what guys are wearing and doing in fashion, the more we realize how many options you boys have. Seriously, the market may make it seem like there is more for women, but in reality we are all created as equals – especially in fashion! We all Read more →

Update: Men’s wallets

update men's wallet 4

Just a quick update for our guys out there, check out this cardholder wallet that my friend was toting the other day. It’s sleek, a great vibrant color and can hold a lot of your manly things. And, the cardholder is embossed with his initials so he can keep track Read more →

The skinny on skinnies

men skinny 1

I think that just because you might go to work everyday doesn’t mean that you are excused from being trendy. There are certainly ways to work trendiness into you usual workwear outfit. I met up with a friend for coffee in the middle of the week and realized he was Read more →

Rainbows on your toes

neon 7

I will be the first to say that I’m not the most athletic person. However, I do support all shows of athleticism such as going to Saigon Heat basketball games or watching the Olympics on TV with friends. Last weekend I caught a triathlon in Singapore and saw a sight Read more →

How to handle your money

mens wallet 3

Guys always ask girls why they need to own so many handbags. I have been the subject of such interrogation many times. What you boys sometimes may not realize is that you have a lot of options for carrying around your money too. And I don’t mean clutches, as those Read more →

To clutch or not to clutch

mens clutch 1

Guys, I know that when you see the word “clutch” you don’t necessarily think this post is for you. I think you may not have opened your eyes to the convenience of carrying around a small leather good that can hold all your things. Last year I was sitting in Read more →