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The beauty of two-fer dresses and how to get rid of the belly

two-fer 5

What is a two-fer? It is a dress that has one fabric on top and another on the bottom. Two-fers have become popular in the past 3 years since the color block trend emerged in the fashion scene. The dresses are usually very cute. This feautured two-fer can be found Read more →

How to make friends fast and frenemies faster

friendship bracelets 1

Small tokens of like are always appreciated in day to day life. I learned this not so long ago at a music festival in Austin, Texas. A girl was standing next to me right before Bassnectar came on and gave me a glow-in-the-dark beaded friendship bracelet that she had made Read more →

The Age of the Gym Bag

gym bag 6

Do you own an old, slouchy gym bag that you think you’ll never use? Stop yourself from giving it to charity or sentencing it to a lifetime in the corner of your closet and look at that gym bag in another light. It’s time for my first proclamation: gym bags Read more →


studded shoes 8

Studs were once saved for punky girls who wore all black and spiky hair. Thanks to Christian Louboutin a few seasons ago, fashion fiends – girly or punky – are rocking studs on their shoes. Let’s not forget Louboutin’s allover studded booties. Then Valentino put them on his bows, which Read more →

Summer dresses

summer dress 2

Hello readers! As the temperature becomes warmer and the rainstorms fade away this summer, I have been excited to put away the poncho and slip on some of my summer dresses. If you are unsure what to wear, why not try something on trend like abstract prints? Make the look Read more →

The hunt for Korean style

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For those of us wondering what makes Korean style so different and distinguishable from Vietnamese or US style, I have compiled a list of key points to perfect the look: 1. Pastel colors 2. Oversized accessories 3. Be cute but also a tomboy (think boyfriend jeans with a girly top Read more →