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What you don’t dare wear to a wedding

not to wear to wedding featured

Let’s face it. It is always wedding season in Vietnam. There is always something going on in those wedding banquet halls aka money-making-machines. Besides the lovely faux flower decorations and the lucky red carpet, my eyes are constantly averted to the outfits people are wearing. It’s a shame, because I Read more →

Poop brown and other shades

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I really hate when a pretty girl wears ugly colors. Especially colors that remind you of your last bowel movement. So, I highly recommend you learn how to discern bodily function browns from rich, even vibrant browns. Don’t be caught walking around looking like last week’s meatloaf when two shades Read more →

Toe-ing the line


As the weather in Hanoi becomes less cold and drafty, I’m thinking of mostrendy girls wanting to break out their skirts and dresses but not wanting to get too cold. It made me wonder: will you wear tights? And then: would you ever wear tights with open toe shoes? Whenever Read more →

And I am an accessories girl

acc girl

There’s something to be said about an original accessory that takes your outfit to the next level. Honestly, I can’t really live without good accessories. Since I’ve been spending more time in LA, I will admit that there has been a hint of lazybones in my sartorial choices. Dark jeans, Read more →

A great look starts with great teeth

teeth featured

Howdy all. Did you ever notice that teeth can make or break the beauty of someone’s face? The other day I saw photos on a gossip blog of a model who had clearly had one too many smokes and/or cups of coffee. It was gross, her face is beautiful but Read more →

To all who rock the pantyline


I was recently back in Ho Chi Minh City and saw around me something that is treacherous in the world of fashion. I couldn’t believe my eyes that in a city of such vibrant, young, modern women that this kind of thing was still happening. Visible pantylines. You heard me. Read more →

Mirror, mirror

mirror 5

It’s not often that a widespread sunglass trend occurs. How long ago was the Rayban Wayfarer revival? I think at least 5 years ago, and it is still going strong. Sure, there have been some smaller trends here and there – the round oversize Chanel inspired a few Olsen twin Read more →

It’s time for the mini

mini bag 1

No, ladies. Not miniskirts. The mini bag. I have always been a fan of big bags for one simple reason: you can bring lots of things with you. Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wallet, sunglass case, tissues, lip balm and hand lotion are just some of the things that I find handy. Read more →