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If the suit fits…

suit fits

Why this man caught my eye on a sleepy Saturday afternoon walk with the dog in LA: 1. He is wearing a tailored suit on a sleepy Saturday afternoon 2. Fully buttoned English spread collar (with a necklace instead of a tie) 3. Polka dot shirt that has the same Read more →

Chic cuts

chic cuts

I’m not one to spend a lot to get my hair cut at a super fancy hair salon. However, I do appreciate cleanliness, customer service and hair products that actually help one’s hair. Enter The Hive in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. Mid-century-esque and clean, this place offers great Read more →

Chic garden party essentials

garden party

This season is perfect for a garden party – it isn’t too hot, people are starting to feel the summer itch to be social and have fun, and there aren’t a lot of other people getting their acts together to throw a good party yet. What you need to throw Read more →

Holy guacamole!

Photo May 24, 2 27 30 PM copy

Guacamole is one of my favorite appetizers or snacks. Maybe I use eating guacamole as an excuse to eat more tortilla chips than I should, but it’s a pretty good excuse. It should be semi-common knowledge that avocados are good for you. The reason why is because avocados are full Read more →

Time to choose your favorite summer sweater


I realize summer sweater sounds completely contradicting but hear me out. The summer sweater is an important article of clothing in one’s wardrobe because summer isn’t always hot. Depending on where you live, it could be rainy and sometimes breezy during the summer. In parts of Asia, the hotter it Read more →

Crazy for coordinates

trang phuc dong dieu

I’m obsessed with matching coordinates lately. This is one of my favorites because I love the parrot print and the girly ruffles. When choosing yours, the most important thing is choosing the cut. Do you want a crop top with shorts or long pants with a matching tank? Second most Read more →

Arrow me to reintroduce myself

featured arrow

I stopped by Anthropologie in LA at the beginning of summer and saw that they had a cool, colorful arrow display. It wasn’t the first time I’ve spied this motif, as the Louis Vuitton in Marina Bay, Singapore had the same kind of display in 2012 for their windows and Read more →

Boobs: How high is too high?

The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Today I saw photos of an actress who looks like she recently had a boob job. I have nothing against boob jobs – being of less endowment myself, I support the idea if one is of age and can pay for the silicone herself and is doing it for her Read more →