Studs were once saved for punky girls who wore all black and spiky hair. Thanks to Christian Louboutin a few seasons ago, fashion fiends – girly or punky – are rocking studs on their shoes. Let’s not forget Louboutin’s allover studded booties. Then Valentino put them on his bows, which was the epitome of lady and rock star. And, Balenciaga accessories are not the same without their trademark studs.

Aside from the fancy brands, I came across Pull and Bear rose gold studded loafers at TAKA Plaza that are perfect for walking around. Then, outside the Tax Center I caught up with a friend wearing home made spiky shoes. A little more extreme, but perfect for defending yourself if you find yourself in a pickle with a purse snatcher. Another friend of mine makes these nude suede Wondaland gold studded booties, which go with almost any outfit (trust me, I wear them all the time).

How are you expressing your inner punk?

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  1. ui… em sẽ thử trải nghiệm phong cách đinh tán naỳ… đầu tiên sẽ là đôi giầy , sau đó sẽ là áo quần :)

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