Be mostrendy in the winter

The UK ladies are back! This time, they’re flaunting their wonderful fur and outerwear for all of us to be jealous about. The belted fur vest is purrfect for cold because not only is it warm, it is on trend (fur and fur trim is in for fall/winter if you missed the memo). Take note mostrendies: belts are your best friends in the winter! Winter clothing can be chunky and shapeless but a belt will turn you from a paper sack to a mostrendy girl in 5 seconds flat.

When choosing a jacket, we all want neutral colors because they will end up going over anything that we choose to wear. I usually see basics like black, grey, navy, camel or white. But who says your coat lining can’t be super trendy? Here, our friend is wearing a nude coat with hot pink lining that shouts to the rooftops what a fashionista she is. And don’t stop at neon – you can go with a cute print, too! #lookatmylining

If you are somewhere cold, stay warm and enjoy all the cold weather fashions you get to wear that we in Ho Chi Minh city can’t! Our favorite things about winter? Boots, coats, tights, sweaters and fur!

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