Boobs: How high is too high?

Today I saw photos of an actress who looks like she recently had a boob job. I have nothing against boob jobs – being of less endowment myself, I support the idea if one is of age and can pay for the silicone herself and is doing it for her own reasons (not for his).

The thing that made her boob job look BAD was that she had on a push up up up bra. Her breasts were lifted up right under her chin, like a tray to save uneaten food for later. There is such a thing as boobs that are too high. I’m a big believer in a natural look, whether the girls are fake or not. Knockers at the top of the doorframe are not natural. Also, the look makes you seems like you are heavier than you actually are. No one needs that in her life.

Next time you go to buy a push up bra, make sure your breasts are in line with your biceps, when your arms are at your sides. Avoid the chin-up look, go for the pin-up look.


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