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Judging the book by its cover

All About the Package 3

I’m all about packaging. Call me materialistic, call me too visually oriented. On days like these, when I am pleasantly surprised by detail, I feel it’s necessary to share with our mostrendy readers. Clare Vivier is a leather goods brand based out of Los Angeles. The French designer’s brand is Read more →

Met Gala madness

met featured

I was pro-punk for the Met Gala this year, only because it forced the usual fashion suspects out of the box a little. It’s nice to know that fashionistas are still open to pushing the envelope these days. More or less. While the theme was superfun: Chaos to Couture, not Read more →

Lanvin for Life

lanvin 7

The blue forget-me-not color of Lanvin packaging is hard to miss. Neither is the exquisite satin bow that is included on many of the boxes. It is safe to say that almost any girl would be elated to receive a gift housed in such a pretty box. Even if it Read more →

DayGlo Summer

playlist dayglo-01

We all used to love a fresh summer mixtape. Unfortunately, not many folks remember what a tape even looks like these days. Thanks to internet geniuses (in my head they are sitting at their computers in the mostrendiest outfits), we still have a way to share music with each other. Read more →

Bellas at Coachella!

coachella 1

You must have heard by now about all the happenings at Coachella this year – R.Kelly’s guest performance at the Phoenix show (instead of the rumored Daft Punk), the entire Hilton family making appearances at both weekends and Lindsay Lohan being allowed one last alcohol-free hurrah at Coachella before her Read more →