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How brogue are you?

brogues 1

I think brogue shoes are quite cool. A brogue is a cooler, more interesting option for those days you feel like wearing ballet flats around town. I have always meant to buy myself a pair but haven’t gotten around to it, or maybe haven’t fallen in love with any specific Read more →

How to handle your money

mens wallet 3

Guys always ask girls why they need to own so many handbags. I have been the subject of such interrogation many times. What you boys sometimes may not realize is that you have a lot of options for carrying around your money too. And I don’t mean clutches, as those Read more →

What to wear for underwear

tieng viet.jpf

Sometimes I find myself in an awkward situation where I can see other people’s panty lines when I know I shouldn’t see. And then what does one do? Surely not tell the offender of her blunder because she can’t do anything to remedy the situation immediately. I thought I’d share Read more →

Accessory shopping on Bui Vien: how to search for treasure!

accessories 1

I love a good accessory as much as the next girl. For great bargains and good style in HCMC, check out Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao, also known as HCMC’s backpacker area. You can see where one can acquire a bunch of handmade friendship bracelets, which I so adore. Read more →

Just a few shades of grey


The craze over 50 Shades of Grey has come and gone but that doesn’t mean that the color grey is out entirely. As fall is nearing, grey is a wonderful neutral to pull out of the closet. You can wear different shades together for a tonal look or mix it Read more →

The Fashionista Tribute Tee

tribute tee 7

I never thought I would ever be able to find a garment that included all of the classicly-chic designers: Chanel, Hermes and Burberry, to name a few. Well folks, today is my lucky day. Check out this awesome off-the-shoulder tee that features most of the greats. There is a sleeveless Read more →

Bring on the neon!

neon 4

My friends and I have been obsessed about neon for a couple years now, and I think it’s for good reason. Gone are the days that neon was reserved for themed fraternity parties or raves or electro DJ sets. Why not just wear neon when you need something to brighten Read more →

What to take to the beach

beach 1

Summer is coming to an end and it seems as though everyone is taking last minute trips to the beach. I just wanted to remind you all to stay safe and don’t forget your beach essentials: 1. Big beach towel – try not to pick white! Bright orange is chic Read more →