Contemporary teesHơi thở đương đại

Photo Jul 12, 7 47 34 AM

At the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Arts, there is an outdoor exhibit that features faces printed onto black t-shirts. If nothing else, it lends a great background for all the bikers and skateboarders at the MACBA. One thing that I appreciated most was the skatepark outside the museum that adds Read more →

Gracias, graffiti!Những bức tường đẹp mắt

Photo Jul 15, 7 31 40 AM

I found more street art for your viewing pleasure. Maybe with meaning, maybe not. I can’t decide if the piece questioning Louis Vuitton on a street in Paris is actually about Vuitton or about luxury goods in general. Or is it about material goods? As for the door in Barcelona, Read more →

Bests of Coachella 2014Những cái nhất tại Coachella 2014

coachella 2014 featured

I know this post is way late, but everyone gets tired of Coachella blogs/photos/news in the spring. So, I decided to surprise you with my personal favorites from Coachella 2014 today. 1) BEST NON-FLOWER POWER OUTFIT Note the knee high gladiators and fancy fanny pack on this girl. She is Read more →

Arrow me to reintroduce myselfCách trưng bày trúng đích

featured arrow

I stopped by Anthropologie in LA at the beginning of summer and saw that they had a cool, colorful arrow display. It wasn’t the first time I’ve spied this motif, as the Louis Vuitton in Marina Bay, Singapore had the same kind of display in 2012 for their windows and Read more →

Boobs: How high is too high?Áo ngực: độn cỡ nào là vừa phải?

The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Today I saw photos of an actress who looks like she recently had a boob job. I have nothing against boob jobs – being of less endowment myself, I support the idea if one is of age and can pay for the silicone herself and is doing it for her Read more →

What you don’t dare wear to a weddingKhông nên mặc gì khi đi dự đám cưới

not to wear to wedding featured

Let’s face it. It is always wedding season in Vietnam. There is always something going on in those wedding banquet halls aka money-making-machines. Besides the lovely faux flower decorations and the lucky red carpet, my eyes are constantly averted to the outfits people are wearing. It’s a shame, because I Read more →

Poop brown and other shadesMàu nâu “xấu” và màu nâu “tốt”

poop color featured copy

I really hate when a pretty girl wears ugly colors. Especially colors that remind you of your last bowel movement. So, I highly recommend you learn how to discern bodily function browns from rich, even vibrant browns. Don’t be caught walking around looking like last week’s meatloaf when two shades Read more →

Toe-ing the lineHở mà không hở


As the weather in Hanoi becomes less cold and drafty, I’m thinking of mostrendy girls wanting to break out their skirts and dresses but not wanting to get too cold. It made me wonder: will you wear tights? And then: would you ever wear tights with open toe shoes? Whenever Read more →